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 "Our mission is to provide quality eye care for the entire family at an affordable price and to make every patient feel like a friend. We strive for one of a kind service with a friendly, welcoming environment. We are dedicated to assisting you with any of your vision or eye health needs. We are a small business serving Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas since 2004. My staff and I are excited to serve you."-Janet Peña O.D.

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Periodic eye and vision examinations are a very important part of preventative health care. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, so you might not know a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can help prevent vision loss. A comprehensive eye and vision examination may include but is not limited to the following tests.
  • Patient History- a thorough review of systems, symptoms, medications, family history
  • Visual Acuity- reading charts are used to determine how clearly each eye is seeing
  • Preliminary Tests- automated testing, depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movements, pupil testing, and intraocular pressure
  • Refraction- determination of lens power you need to compensate for any refractive error using an instrument called a phoropter
  • Eye Health Evaluation- evaluation of anterior segment and posterior segment of the eye to determine any visual or eye health problems. Dilation of the eyes or retinal imaging with Optomap is a critical component of a comprehensive eye exam.
  • Supplemental Testing- additional testing may be needed based on results of exam 
Each patient's signs and symptoms , along with Dr. Pena's professional judgement will determine what tests are conducted.

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 "With our commitment to excellence, it is my sincere hope that our patients will leave with a smile and keep coming back to us. Referrals are my favorite compliment, as it shows me that my patient thought enough of their experience here that they would want to share it with someone they care about. My focus is on providing a quality, thorough eye exam coupled with exceptional customer service. We know that you have a choice when it comes to selecting eye care and we are sincerely thankful for your business. When you visit our office, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience a more comfortable and enjoyable one.God Bless!"-Janet Peña O.D.

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Many of us believe that if we can see well, we don’t need to visit an eye doctor. While good vision is clearly important, an eye exam does more than just test your vision. In fact, your eyes can be portals that offer a glimpse of your overall health. In fact, many diseases show early signs in the eyes, including cardiovascular health and diabetes. So a comprehensive eye exam can help you at any age:

  • Vision and learning are closely linked. Children don’t know what ‘normal’ vision is like, so they may not know to complain. Children’s eyes change rapidly as they grow, so eye care is important.
  • Around the age 40, most of us have difficulty reading due to Presbyopia. A natural part of the aging process, presbyopia makes it harder to read small print. Computer monitors become more challenging as well. While “drugstore readers” may help, your eye doctor offers a range of options to fit your lifestyle.
  • Many eye diseases, including glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, have no symptoms in the early stages. If left untreated, the vision loss is usually irreversible. Seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis can protect your vision through early treatment.

A comprehensive eye exam, offered only by an optometrist, looks at both eye health as well as your vision. Your doctor will check for:

While tests will vary based on your doctor and your medical history, most comprehensive eye exams include the following:

  • Visual Acuity to assess the sharpness of your vision, usually using the “Big E” or Snellen chart.
  • Visual fields test, to determine if you have blind spots or peripheral vision issues.
  • Cover Test, which can identify strabismus or binocular vision problems.
  • Retinoscopy, autorefractor or aberrometer, to approximate your eyeglass prescription.
  • Refraction, to fine tune the final eyeglass prescription using a phoropter.
  • Slit Lamp exam to detect common eye diseases and conditions. The instrument allows your doctor to examine the structure of your eye to assess its health.
  • Glaucoma test, known as tonometry, measures the pressure within your eye.
  • Dilation of the pupil or retinal imaging with Optomap to examine the optic nerve, retina and blood vessels.


 Patients that wear contact lenses require some special care by our doctors and staff. In addition to the eye exam, the doctor will provide services that are specific to the wearing and fitting of contact lenses. The doctor will evaluate the cornea for abnormalities that are specifically related to contact lens wear including corneal edema, corneal infiltrates, corneal neovascularization, and endothelial cell loss. The cornea will also be assessed for signs of improper contact lens fitting. Corneal diameter will be measured and compared to current contact lens diameter to determine if any adjustment in lens size is needed. Corneal surface curvature as well as the amount and axis of astigmatism will be analyzed to see if any change in contact lens base curvature is warranted. Contact lens powers will be compared to the latest refractive findings so the doctor can decide if a prescription change is needed. All of the contact lens evaluation / fitting levels include these steps. However, some patients have visual needs that are much different than others, so the level of service will be tailored to each patients individual needs.

Dr. Pena can fit contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, patients who require a bifocal, or patients with specialty needs who may require RGP lenses.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, our skilled paraoptometric technician will instruct you on the proper techniques for insertion and removal of the contact lenses. The paraoptometric technician will also go over the proper hygeine, cleaning, storage, and handling for the contact lenses. Most trial contacts can be dispensed the same day as your initial exam. 


"Something is wrong with my eye!" We have all said this at some time. We understand how uncomfortable and often painful this can be. Sometimes , what may seem like a minor eye problem may lead to a severe condition so it is always important to check in with your doctor for any persisting eye problem.  Dr. Pena is a Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, which means that she is licensed to prescribe medications for the appropriate treatment of eye conditions and eye diseases. Some common eye conditions are dry eye disease, ocular allergies, hordeolum or stye, bacterial conjunctivitis, contact lens related problems, corneal abrasions, or foreign body in the eye. Some comman eye diseases are cataracts, galucoma, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, and macular degeneration. At the completion of your examination, Dr. Pena will discuss test results and determine a diagnosis and explain treatment options. In some cases , Dr. Pena may refer you to an ophthalmologist for consultation or treatment.

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**Prices are subject to change at any time at doctors discretion regardless of insurance coverage.**Estimate of costs will be discussed with each patient individually prior to visit. **

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